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Do Less, Have More

If there is one thing we all experienced this year, it was change…. uncomfortable, unexpected, unwanted and in some cases traumatic. As I look back to this time last year, I think to myself “little did we know what was coming”, 2020 definitely forced us to slow down physically, but does that mean we allowed ourselves to slow down mentally? After nearly...
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Think Positive | Feel Positive | Be Positive 

  I have to admit I have been struggling the past few days. The old patterns have been trying to creep back in, the negative self-talk has got louder; “look at what you haven’t achieved”, “there is something wrong with you”, “you need to push yourself, do more, be more”, “you are not enough”. YEP, thats pretty much been the chatter in my head since last Sunday, lucky me...
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Top Tips to Overcome Procrastination

If like me, you take hours, days and sometimes even months to complete a task (I procrastinated on filling out an application form,to access funding for this website, for over 6 months), then hopefully these tops tips will help you to develop your own motivational and successful strategy.  There are many reasons why we procrastinate. Fear and insecurity are often...
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The Truth Behind The Smile

I came across this photo recently, it was Easter 2015 , and I was spending the long weekend at the coast with close friends. From the outside I looked calm and happy but the inside told a very different story. I was a complete shell of my authentic myself.  The smile you see here is a false one, because at...
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Getting Out Of Your Own Way

Henry Ford was on to something when he said “Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can’t … You’re Right”. Our successes and our failures all start with the thoughts we CHOOSE to think. Call it mindset, positive thinking or just pure determination, we either allow ourselves to succeed or we don’t, it really is that simple. So, why is...
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Make Wise Decisions with your Head, Heart & Gut with Reb Veale

Have you ever thought about how you make decisions? Has anyone ever told you that you live up in your head, or that you “should” listen to your gut? What about making heart decisions? What are they and why is it they often get bad press? 🤔🤔🤔 Well If you want to learn how to make wise decisions by listening...
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