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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

With just over 15 years’ experience in Senior Executive Leadership, Project Management and Strategic Planning, I experienced first-hand the effect stress can have on a person both mentally and physically. Quite often when this is not addressed it can create a domino effect into other areas of our lives, impacting our relationships, our career and our overall wellbeing. I have learned through my own experience that if we don’t identify our stress triggers and put strategies in place to manage them, we can experience overwhelm, anxiety, worry and lack focus. This in turn can impact our sleep our appetite and our ability to perform in our jobs.  For me identifying my triggers was key to managing my reactions. Our wellness journey is unique to everyone one of us as is our triggers, identifying and becoming aware of our stressors can only be done when we are given the space and time to reflect and this is what The Wellness Lounge can do for you.

I believe employers have a golden opportunity to use Wellness Programmes as an investment in their employees, by giving them the unique opportunity to Relax, Recharge and Reflect. This time will allow their teams identify their personal triggers, put strategies in place and become the BEST people they can be in in turn allowing them to be the BEST employees they can be.

Through One2One coaching, Training Programmes, Wellness Days and Seminars, I work closely with organisations to create a culture where teams feel more valued. Together, we create forums for individuals to understand themselves more, thus allowing them to really ‘show up’ in their role every day.

“To become the BEST people they can be, in turn allowing them to be the BEST employees they can be”

Wellness is about developing awareness and strategies and reclaiming your rightful sense of wellbeing. It is my responsibility to educate, inspire and empower your staff to make necessary and positive changes to support their overall wellbeing.

1 in 5

employees feel extremely stressed
Consider moving jobs due to stress
of our health & wellness is determined by our lifestyle choices

Contact me for a free consultation to learn more about how The Wellness Lounge can support your organisations’ wellness needs.

Client Experience

  • We were delighted to have Gillian do some guided meditation with our staff during Mental Health Week. This was something that we never did as group before and the staff all loved it. Gillian gave us some great tips and strategies on how to relax, her words really resonated with us as she has experienced the demands of the retail environment and really stressed the importance of us being well. Thank you Gillian.

    Aisling Reidy
    HR Manager, Primark
  • A special thank you to Gillian, who was one of our key note speakers at our 2019 Social Care Seminar in Limerick. Our staff really enjoyed the guided meditation and wellness session with tips on ‘Starting your day with intention’. Gillian provided a host of tips and techniques that can be used in developing their daily meditation and self-care practice.

    Sinead Butler
    Head of Social Care at Resilience
  • We worked with Gillian to launch our employee wellbeing journey with a Work/Life balance day in early October. Gillian was a pleasure to work with and really collaborated to meet our brief. Gillian is very passionate in the field of wellbeing, and her seminar with our team members was so engaging and informative- Thank you Gillian!

    Dromoland Castle
    Lauren Cusack
    HR Department, Dromoland Castle
  • We were delighted to have Gillian present at the annual ASUA Conference, hosted by Dublin City University, in May 2019. She was one of our keynote speakers and set the tone for the Conference by introducing delegates to the positive role meditation plays in self-care. Her preparation and delivery were extremely professional, and she displays warmth and empathy in her sessions which encourages participation. I have no hesitation in recommending her for a similar occasion.

    Dr. Úna Redmond
    Chair ASUA.

Studies show that Corporate Wellness Programmes have had the following positive outcomes:

  • Healthier staff (includes physical and mental health)
  • Reduction in absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Increase in staff morale
  • More harmonious work relationships (team building)
  • Increase staff retention

Why engage in a Wellness Programme?                                            

In all industries, employees are critical to an organization’s success through their intimate interactions with colleagues and customers and their ability to create memorable experiences and build relationships. Therefore it is key to the success of any organisation that employees have a good sense of their own wellness, to enable them to become motivated, productive and more engaged and content in their roles. Company Wellness Programmes have proven to improve employee’s health, reduce absenteeism, and reduce staff turnover, increase morale and make employees more productive.

Corporate Wellness Programmes

Now Available Online
Employee Wellness Day

Employee Wellness Day

Bring The Wellness Lounge to you; stress management techniques, mindfulness, nutrition, essential oils, cookery demo’s, relaxation therapies, reflexology, accunect, massage, yoga, meditation, fitness, skincare, laser wellness coaching and much, much more. 

Invest in Best

Invest in Best

Empower your team to become the best versions of themselves. An informative, interactive 1-day programme with lots of personal reflection, group activity and an opportunity to put a personal wellness plans together.

Lean into wellness

Lean into Wellness

A 3-hour interactive workshop focusing on the 8 pillars of wellness and behavioural change. Assessing holistic health and wellness on a wider spectrum and giving a better understanding of what wellness means. Each participant will become clear on a goal and have committed to an action plan by end of session.

Why Wait Let's Meditate

Why Wait Let’s Meditate

A 1.5-hour interactive group workshop introducing the concept of meditation and how to develop a practice at home. Studies have shown that practicing for as few as 10 minutes each day, can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve sleep, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Creating a Well Life Vision and navigating a  path to achieving it. Coaching is a powerful form of personal development, focusing on achieving goals by taking actions that you are held accountable for. When we speak of “wellness” we look at 4 pillars of wellbeing; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

The aim of Executive Coaching is to improve professional performance and help your team maximize their personal effectiveness and opportunities in their roles within the organisation.

I train, support and empower your employees to look at all pillars of wellbeing. Together, we will create a better awareness of their individual wellness needs, and devise strategies to support them in making conscious decisions every day to support their health and wellness.

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